Want to take one of my classes without having to travel to an event or venue?
Want to have a special class, exclusively for you and your friends?
Want a more advanced class, or a deeper walk-through on one of my standard class topics?

You’ve got it!

In Chicago, IL, you can book an in-person class with me exclusively through Chicago Dungeon Rentals; their secure, private location is easily accessible via car or public transit, and the space is wheelchair accessible, too! For my class listing, and to see pricing & booking options, you can visit their website!

Regardless of where you’re located, you can schedule a private class with me, delivered by webinar, Skype, Zoom, or dial-in conference, at a time that’s convenient for you. Best of all? You can gather a group of friends from anywhere in the world to join in! We can hone in on the concepts that you want to learn more about, create a forum for small group discussion, and make sure you get the inspiration you’re yearning for.

This is perfect for…

  • Organizations in smaller cities & rural areas that don’t have easy access to sex-positive classes
  • Social groups that want to create a fun evening of learning & laughter
  • Groups of friends that want to learn more about sexuality or relationships together, but are limited by distance
  • People that are located in a location that I’ll be traveling to, but want a more personalized learning experience

And more!

Class rates start at $200/90 minutes, and sliding scale is available for non-profit organizations / low income attendees. Interested in scheduling a class? Take a look at my class list, and send me a note using my contact form to get more information!