Here’s where you can find me in the future:


October 21: “Power Moves: How to intimidate when you’re not that intimidating” at OhioSMART, Cleveland, OH

November 6: “Strap It Up: Strap-on Sex for Every Body” at Early To Bed, Chicago IL

November 11: Sponsoring Sexuality and Relationship Educator Skill Share, Chicago IL

November 30: “The Real World: Everyday Polyamory” at The Garden, Columbus OH

December 1-3: “Still Here, Still Queer: the roots and practice of queer non-monogamy”, “Making Safer Sex (and Play) Sexier”, and “Outside the Fishbowl: Flirting with Wit” at Beyond the Love, Columbus OH

February 2018: “Monogamy as a Conscious Choice”, “The Ins & Outs of Anal Play”, “Not Tonight Dear: Chastity Play” and “Turn It Up to 11: an anal play master class” at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket #50, Warwick, RI

March 2018: “Fisting” and “Sticky Situations: Predicament Play” at South Plains Leatherfest, Dallas TX

Want to book me for a speaking engagement or to teach any of my classes?  Contact me at sarah.sloane (at) and we’ll crack open the calendars!

Feedback from Other Presenters & Organizers

When I need an educator who is reliable, humorous, and consistently packs a classroom, I turn to Sarah Sloane.   Her down-to earth nature is really appealing to my attendees, and her teaching style holds the interest of both the new and seasoned practitioner.  As an event organizer, I find her delightfully easy to work with.  Sarah always goes the extra mile to make sure that the event is a success, and it shows in the end result.

–  Event Organizer

Feedback from Class Attendees

I attended your fisting seminar at the Beyond Leather event, and i just had to thank you for a very entertaining and informative seminar. I even had an opportunity last night to share some of what i learned. So thank you.

– Fisting Class Participant

Feedback from Class Attendees

It was wonderful meeting you yesterday. Thank you for sharing you experience and wisdom with all of us. I now believe in Santa Claus, but have tangible evidence that I have a G-Spot ([my partner] and I went on a hunting expedition the other night and were victorious in our quest). So…I say again, “THANK YOU!!” 

– G Spot Class Participant

Feedback from Mental Health Professionals

Very knowledgeable & professional presentation of difficult & controversial subject matter.

–  Normalizing BDSM presentation Attendee

Feedback from Class Attendees

We’ve been poly and kinky for years and consider ourselves well informed and experienced, but we still learned much from Sarah’s presentations.  She is clear, entertaining and well informed with the latest information.  Thank you Sarah!

–  Ken

Feedback from Other Presenters & Organizers

There are a few reasons we’ve continued to bring Sarah back:

First, she’s just a fabulous educator. She’s always eager to teach on what –we- feel is important, and while she is a ‘rock star’ in the world of kink, there is NO rock star personality there. Her classes are always well prepared, well attended, and well regarded. She’s also very visible when not teaching, working with new folks who had questions, old folks who had questions, and every one in between.

The second is equally as important to me, and it’s her ability to dive in and help wherever her assistance might be needed. She jumps in capably when help is needed and that can be golden.

I’d highly recommend her, and not just because she’s cute.

– Boring Jen
Event Organizer
 Spank – A Twisted Tryst

Feedback from Mental Health Professionals

Excellent presentation – the presenter was informative, engaging, warm, welcoming, and very knowledgeable. Great! Learned a lot.

Feedback from Other Presenters & Organizers

Sarah is a really great presenter. The workshop participants gave her excellent reviews and got a lot out of the class. Plus, she’s very easy to work with.

– Charlie Glickman, PhD
Education Program Manager
Good Vibrations

Feedback from Class Attendees

Thanks for the informative advice on where to spank women properly.  Wonderful work on the presentations, and thanks for helping me test out my new paddle!

– Rough Body Play Event Participant

Feedback from Class Attendees

Just wanted to say thank you for your beginner’s class on poly. I think sometimes people feel they ‘know’ the basics w/o ever having ever actually gone to a class on it. IMO they miss out on a lot of great fundamental ideas ???? Personally, I found it very informative and helpful in more clearly defining my own ideas on poly.

– Poly Class Participant

Feedback from Other Presenters & Organizers

Working with Ms. Sloane was fantastic. She was engaging and funny, while still very effective at conveying important information, such as the precise chemicals in lubricants and how they can interact with sex toys and each other. Too often presenters sacrifice content for the sake of appealing to their audience and seeming humorous, but Sarah Sloane was able to strike a balance between extremes. Her experience, both personally and professionally, really seems to enrich her presentations, and her focus on personal empowerment (regardless of workshop topic) makes her presentations very positive and enriching. On the organizational side, she was very easy to work with, and was very available when it came to discussing arrangements for her visit and presentation.

– Aida Manduley
Brown University SHEEC

Feedback from Other Presenters & Organizers

Sarah did a terrific job – very smooth, information-dense, accessible/friendly.

–  Co-Presenter

Feedback from Mental Health Professionals

For myself as a mental health professional, this was a complete paradigm shift for me!

–  Beyond the Boxes Attendee

Feedback from Mental Health Professionals

The presenter was fantastic – very good at mixing personal info / experience with generalized info / experience.

Feedback from Class Attendees

Hi Sarah, I was in your class about how to meet people at conventions. As you already know because we chatted briefly, I took your advice and it worked. I had wanted to ask this person to play with me and [my partner] but I was afraid of rejection. Thank you for taking that fear away from me. After all, if someone isn’t interested, the world wont end :-). Thank you for giving me confidence. Now, we have a new play partner. 

– Convention Class Participant