Awards & Award Nominations Include:

– 2016 Illinois Ms Leather Pride titleholder
– 2010 Nominee for NLA-I’s Cynthia Slater Non-fiction Article award for the article “The Biochemistry of BDSM”
– 2009 Nominee for Pantheon of Leathers’ “Woman of the Year” award
– 2009 First Runner up for International Ms Leather
– 2008 Nominee for Black Rose’s “Vaughan Keith National Educator” award

Podcasts, Radio, & Media Mentions Include:

-Quoted in Cosmo Online (10 tips on receiving cunnilingus), 2016
-4-Play podcast: The one about leather, 2016
-Multiple videos in the Sex Is Back storytelling campaign, 2013
-Interviewed for The Chicago Den, 2012
-Guest on Romantic Friendship radio show, 2011
-Guest on City of Syn Live, 2011
-Performer for Red Umbrella Diaries, as recorded on the Red Umbrella Podcast, 2010.
-Regular podcast column contributor for Erotic Awakening, 2010
-Guest on Kink on Tap, Episode “Delightfully Flawed People“, 2010
-Guest on the Lilycat & Stuff show on FCC Free Radio, 2010
-Guest on Erotic Awakening podcast, 2010 (discussing BDSM & 12 Step Recovery with Mollena Williams)
-Guest on Marge Pedersen’s podcast, Listeners Discretion Advised, 2010
-Guest on Sex Is Fun Podcast, 2010
-Interviewed by Good Vibrations Magazine, 2009
-Interviewed on Rebecca Deos’ podcast, 2009
-Interviewed by forum members of, 2009
-Interviewed on The Oh Team!’s radio show on TrainRek Radio, June 2009 (as well as other dates in 2009 & 2010)
-Interviewed on Darklady’s Sexpose, 2009
-Interviewed by KinkyCast, 2006
-Quoted in Tristan Taormino’s book, “Opening Up“, 2008

Organizations / Events / Stores presented for include:


Brown University (2010)
Depaul University (2015-2017)
Eastern Illinois University (2013)
Illinois Institute of Technology (2011)
Northwestern University (2016)
University of Chicago (2014)
University of Minneapolis (2010 – Beyond the Boxes – Conference for LGBTQ Mental Health Practitioners)

Stores & Professional Events:

AVN / ANE, Pasadena, CA 2011; Los Angeles, CA 2017
Come As You Are, Toronto, 2011
Early to Bed, Chicago IL – 2011, 2016-2017
Fascinations, Denver CO – 2010-11
Good Vibrations, Brookline MA / San Francisco, CA – 2008-2011
Kink Shoppe, Philadelphia PA – 2017
Momentum (now CatalystCon), Washington DC, 2011
National Conference on Sex Education, New Brunswick NJ – 2015
Passional, Philadelphia PA – 2008
Philly Trans Health – 2017
SHE (Sexual Health Expo) – 2015
Smitten Kitten, Minneapolis MN – 2010
Sugar, Baltimore MD, 2009-11, 2017 (Scheduled)
Pleasure Chest, Chicago IL, New York, NY, and West Hollywood, CA- 2011-2016
The Garden, Columbus OH, 2017 (Scheduled)
Tool Shed Toys, Milwaukee WI – 2011 & 2012

Sex Positive Centers:

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, Pawtucket RI, 2010 (see my presentation on surviving sexual assault here)
The Crucible, Washington, DC – 2006-2008
Femina Potens, San Francisco CA – 2010 (classes & monthly Sizzle Reading Series)
Whole DC, Washington, DC – 2009


APEX (Albany Power Exchange), Albany NY, 2008
BESS, Baltimore, MD – 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010
Black Rose, Washington DC – 2004-20011
CAPEX, Charlotte, NC – 2008
Chesapeake Polyamory Network, Maryland / DC / VA – 2008
CLAW, Chicago IL – 2015
CUFF, Charlottesville, VA – 2002-2007, 2009-2010
DomSubFriends, New York, NY – 2008
Galleria Domain, Chicago IL – 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013
GLEE, Pemberville OH – 2014
Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Indianapolis IN – 2016
Just Us Women In Kink, Baltimore MD – 2009
LRA, Chicago IL, 2010-13
MinKY, Minneapolis MN – 2010
MOB, Boston MA – 2009, 2010
NASSA, Huntsville AL – 2011
New England Dungeon Society, Waltham MA – 2010
OhioSMART, Cleveland OH – 2017
Perspectives in Power, Toronto ON – 2011
RLC, Richmond VA – 2002
Satyricon, Madison WI – 2011 & 2013
TEASE, Ontario CAN, 2009, 2010
TES, New York City NY – 2004, 2008
The Society, Connecticut – 2008, 2009, 2011
TIED, Norfolk VA – 2002
Tidewater Pride, Norfolk VA – 2003
TNG-Chicago, Chicago IL – 2012, 2013
WHIP, West Virginia – 2002 & 2004
WMPE (Western Massachusetts Power Exchange), Massachusetts – 2008-2010
Write Here, Write Now Writers Group, Boston MA – Guest writing group leader, 2009 & 2010; Workshop facilitator, 2010


Adventures in Sexuality – Winter Wickedness, 2009
Arisia, Boston MA – 2009, 2010
Beyond Leather, 2009
Beyond The Love, 2013-2014, 2016, 2017 (Scheduled)
Black BEAT, Maryland – 2009-10
Black Phoenix’ Winter Solstice – 2010-11
Dark Odyssey, Washington DC / Maryland – 2004-2010
Desiree Alliance, Las Vegas NV – 2010
Enclave, Columbus OH – 2017
Exxxotica Expo, Chicago IL – 2017
Folsom Fringe, San Francisco CA – 2009
FSA Beltane, Darlington MD – 2008, 2009
Kinko de Mayo, Columbus OH – 2011
Kinky Kollege, Chicago IL – 2015, 2017
Leather Retreat, Maryland – 2003, 2005-2010
MOMENTUM, Washington DC – 2011
NELA’s Fetish Fair – 2014, 2017, 2019 (Scheduled)
New Zealand Fetish Ball, 2008
NDDS Boot Camp, Philadelphia, 2009
Poly Pride Rally, Poly NYC, 2010
Polycamp NW, Olympia WA, 2014
Queer PlayCon, Hartford CT, 2011
Red Umbrella Diaries, NYC – 2010
Shibaricon, Chicago IL – 2009
South Plains Leather Fest, Dallas TX – 2015, 2016, 2018 (Scheduled)
Southern Exposure, Christchurch NZ – 2008
Tribal Fire, Oklahoma City OK – 2012, 2014-2015
Tryst (was known as Spank prior to 2010), Wisconsin, 2008-2015
TESFest – 2006, 2008, 2009
The Floating World, 2011, 2014
TOKink, Toronto, Ontario –2004 & 2006 
Tulsa Dungeon Society – 2009
Twisted in Tulsa, Tulsa OK – 2013

Online – Multiple video-on-demand classes, 2009-2011
Power Play Academy (online) – Faculty member, 2009 – 2010 – Multiple teleclasses & “Iron Slut Sex Educator Showdown” in Oakland, 2010

Sarah is a really great presenter. The workshop participants gave her excellent reviews and got a lot out of the class. Plus, she’s very easy to work with.

– Charlie Glickman, PhD
Education Program Manager
Good Vibrations

Just wanted to say thank you for your beginner’s class on poly. I think sometimes people feel they ‘know’ the basics w/o ever having ever actually gone to a class on it. IMO they miss out on a lot of great fundamental ideas ???? Personally, I found it very informative and helpful in more clearly defining my own ideas on poly.

– Poly Class Participant

For myself as a mental health professional, this was a complete paradigm shift for me!

–  Beyond the Boxes Attendee

When I need an educator who is reliable, humorous, and consistently packs a classroom, I turn to Sarah Sloane.   Her down-to earth nature is really appealing to my attendees, and her teaching style holds the interest of both the new and seasoned practitioner.  As an event organizer, I find her delightfully easy to work with.  Sarah always goes the extra mile to make sure that the event is a success, and it shows in the end result.

–  Event Organizer

I attended your fisting seminar at the Beyond Leather event, and i just had to thank you for a very entertaining and informative seminar. I even had an opportunity last night to share some of what i learned. So thank you.

– Fisting Class Participant

The presenter was fantastic – very good at mixing personal info / experience with generalized info / experience.

Very knowledgeable & professional presentation of difficult & controversial subject matter.

–  Normalizing BDSM presentation Attendee

Hi Sarah, I was in your class about how to meet people at conventions. As you already know because we chatted briefly, I took your advice and it worked. I had wanted to ask this person to play with me and [my partner] but I was afraid of rejection. Thank you for taking that fear away from me. After all, if someone isn’t interested, the world wont end :-). Thank you for giving me confidence. Now, we have a new play partner. 

– Convention Class Participant

Excellent presentation – the presenter was informative, engaging, warm, welcoming, and very knowledgeable. Great! Learned a lot.

Working with Ms. Sloane was fantastic. She was engaging and funny, while still very effective at conveying important information, such as the precise chemicals in lubricants and how they can interact with sex toys and each other. Too often presenters sacrifice content for the sake of appealing to their audience and seeming humorous, but Sarah Sloane was able to strike a balance between extremes. Her experience, both personally and professionally, really seems to enrich her presentations, and her focus on personal empowerment (regardless of workshop topic) makes her presentations very positive and enriching. On the organizational side, she was very easy to work with, and was very available when it came to discussing arrangements for her visit and presentation.

– Aida Manduley
Brown University SHEEC

There are a few reasons we’ve continued to bring Sarah back:

First, she’s just a fabulous educator. She’s always eager to teach on what –we- feel is important, and while she is a ‘rock star’ in the world of kink, there is NO rock star personality there. Her classes are always well prepared, well attended, and well regarded. She’s also very visible when not teaching, working with new folks who had questions, old folks who had questions, and every one in between.

The second is equally as important to me, and it’s her ability to dive in and help wherever her assistance might be needed. She jumps in capably when help is needed and that can be golden.

I’d highly recommend her, and not just because she’s cute.

– Boring Jen
Event Organizer
 Spank – A Twisted Tryst

Thanks for the informative advice on where to spank women properly.  Wonderful work on the presentations, and thanks for helping me test out my new paddle!

– Rough Body Play Event Participant

Sarah did a terrific job – very smooth, information-dense, accessible/friendly.

–  Co-Presenter

It was wonderful meeting you yesterday. Thank you for sharing you experience and wisdom with all of us. I now believe in Santa Claus, but have tangible evidence that I have a G-Spot ([my partner] and I went on a hunting expedition the other night and were victorious in our quest). So…I say again, “THANK YOU!!” 

– G Spot Class Participant

We’ve been poly and kinky for years and consider ourselves well informed and experienced, but we still learned much from Sarah’s presentations.  She is clear, entertaining and well informed with the latest information.  Thank you Sarah!

–  Ken