Looking for an outside perspective on a situation that you’re dealing with in your sex life or relationships with intimate partners? Wanting to do a “mind meld” to learn about a concept, skill, or topic? Growing your own skills as an educator or writer, and want someone to hold your hand and help you move down your chosen path with more purpose and drive?

Coaching offers a means to all of those ends. During a coaching session, the focus is on your goals – whether it’s to learn more about something that you’re curious about, or to gain confidence in your path, or even to help define your goals and devise ways to achieve them. And the best part is that coaching can be done from anywhere in the world – so you can integrate sessions into your regular schedule easily & productively.

We focus on the your needs – not what other people think you should do – and we will  help you find your own best path forward. As your coach, I will help you build connections and find resources, challenge you to think outside of your own past experience, and offer an environment of compassionate accountability. While I work with a diverse range of people, I’m particularly passionate about working with people who (like me) are members of marginalized communities, as well as people with “invisible illnesses”, such as PTSD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and other physical and physical & mental health challenges.

Aren’t sure you can’t afford it? Sliding scale rates are available, and some clients find that as few as 3-4 sessions can help provide significant clarity & direction on how to address the challenges they’re currently wrestling.

Curious? Just fill out the contact form below, and I’ll contact you to schedule a complimentary assessment session shortly!