My current class listing has over 40 classes and is still growing! Here are some of the topics that I cover.

General Sexuality:

  • Sexual anatomy & sexual pleasure for all orientations and genders (including physical techniques, age-and-stage challenges, etc.)
  • Sexual autonomy, sexual self esteem, and sexuality for people with disabilities, age-related challenges, and body dysphoria.
  • Sexual health and wellness, including STI transmission, prevention, and care.

Alternative Sexuality:

  • BDSM concepts and basic techniques
  • Dominant / submissive relationship dynamic
  • Etiquette in alternative sexuality communities
  • Psychological issues for power exchange relationships & interactions


  • Polyamorous and other consensually non-monogamous relationships
  • Intentional monogamy
  • Communication and negotiation within relationships
  • Consensuality across the spectrum of sexuality

Professional & Organizational Development

  • Business management / workshops for sex positive entrepreneurs
  • Community building: mentorship, education, cultural competency and inclusiveness
  • Education skills for peer-to-peer and instructor-led dynamics, including facilitation and course development skills

If you’d like a copy of my full class listing, please email me & let me know if you’re looking for classes appropriate for public venues, private events, and/or college & university campuses.

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