Sex Positive Gypsy post is up!

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Aug 14, 2009 in SexIs Column

My bi-weekly column is up at SexIs Magazine.  This week, it’s a reflection on sex and shame in our culture, and my experience with it smacking me right between the eyes…

…”No matter how much those of us who color outside of the lines counsel ourselves and each other, we all harbor a little of that shame inside, and admitting it takes balls (sparkly ones—like disco balls, maybe). A little voice that pops up each time we have a relationship that falters; a negative thought that rounds the bend right after a sexual failure. The feeling that we still need to hide things—not just big things, like the fact that we love someone of the same gender, but little things, like whether we actually admit to owning a sex toy.”…

Check it out here, and please leave a comment!

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