Tuesdays Toy: Thumper

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Nov 3, 2010 in Reviews, Toys

(yes, I’m a day late, but yesterday was busy!)

I never “got” the classic rabbit vibe. It twirled around, and that wasn’t really the feel I was hoping for. Not to mention that, until recently, they were usually made out of poor-quality, phthalate-laden materials that were impossibly challenging to clean and would actually degrade, making the investment worthless. But now that we have Thumper…I may have to succumb to the temptation of a dual action vibe once again.

Thumper has the classic styling of a rabbit vibe, with it’s buzzy little clit stimulator; it’s also got the g-spot stimulating bumps that are de rigeur for bunny vibes. However, rather than the shaft twirling, this one actually thrusts up & down! Talk about a show stopper, right?

It’s also got three speed settings and five separate functions, which give you tons of options for getting it just right. It runs off of 4 AA batteries (strong!) and because it’s made of TPR (thermoplastic resin) it’s much safer for your body – no chemical smells, no irritation. It washes clean with our Afterglow toy wipes (or soap & water – just don’t immerse the battery compartment) and is compatible with both water-based and silicone lubricants, too. And? It’s only $60 – an affordable luxury!

Want to get it free? As always, book a party & you can use your host credits towards it OR get it at 50% off as one of your host specials. Wish you could buy it at wholesale? Become a Love U Consultant – last month, we got this little baby at a special 60% off price for our own personal collections. Yee haw 🙂


Tuesdays Toy: Silicone K Balls to raise bucks for Scarleteen!

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Oct 26, 2010 in Reviews, Toys

Scarleteen needs your help. I need your help to give them some help. I have a selection of items that, if you purchase from me before November 15, I will donate 40% of the retail cost to Scarleteen. So far, their check from me is just about $20. Wouldn’t you like to see it grow?

This week’s reprise as a Tuesday’s Toy is the Silicone K Balls. These are seriously one of my all time top sellers. Why?

Body safe silicone lasts far longer than other lesser quality materials, and is easy to clean thoroughly.
Secure cord (also silcone) allows for easy, comfortable removal
The size of the K-Balls is big enough for you to feel, yet not so big that it’s not suited to people who don’t like larger toys.
-Their shape makes it easy to exercise your PC muscles by doing Kegel exercises around them
-The subtle vibration created by the internal rattles feels GOOD, especially when you’re moving around.
-They also work delightfully as an “add on” for those of you that like to be spanked, have your butt played with, or just be reminded while doing other things that you’ve got something special going on that nobody can see!

You can purchase your very own set of Silicone K-Balls in either pink & white or blue & white at my Love U website. They’re only $32! Add in a 4 oz. bottle of Love U Water Lube (safe for use with silicone toys, and as always it’s free of glycerine, parabens, DHEA, & it’s vegan, too), and you’ll not only have some of the best water-based lube & Kegel exercisers on the market, you will be responsible for a donation of $20 to Scarleteen!


Tuesday’s Toy: Sweet Snow Powder

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Oct 5, 2010 in Reviews, Toys

Sometimes, we forget that sexuality springs from intimacy and connection…and we ignore the power of simply touching our partner in favor of focusing on the business at hand. I recently was reminded how intense that simple touches can be…so I decided to pick a Love U Parties product that helps us connect with each other in sensual & sexy ways. This week’s product is Sweet Snow Body Powder.

Sweet Snow is not a talc-based body powder; it’s main ingredients are corn starch & aluminum starch, both of which are far healthier for our delicate areas and are amazing at isolating wetness, keeping our skin fresh, sweet, and dry. It’s ideal for brushing on our bodies when we want to feel a little fresh (especially common this time of year, with the temperature changes between heated buildings and the chilly outdoors); it even comes with it’s own beautiful feather brush so that you will feel sensual, even when simply applying it!

The two-person benefits are incredible. This powder is lightly sweet and comes in two flavors – honey and strawberries & champagne – so that not only can you trace your tongue gently over your lover’s skin after you’ve stroked the powder over their body, but your kisses will be sweeter afterwards, as well! It can be used for sensation play, with the feather brush, or applied with the hands to give an amazing oil-free massage.

This was, hands down, the best seller at my last Love U party – find out why. Order an 8 0z. pouch of the Sweet Snow Powder in your choice of flavor for $36, and spend the fall months delighting yourself – or your lover – with some much needed touch time. And as another of my Tuesdays Toy choices for October, if you book a party with me for November or December, the Sweet Snow Powder may be the item I’ll bring with me to give you at your party, on top of all the amazing host rewards and exclusives that you’ll earn. All you have to do is let me know and we’ll schedule a time – hosting a party is simple, fun, educational, and rewarding!


Tuesdays Toy: Decadence

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Sep 28, 2010 in Reviews, Toys

I keep this toy around for the same reason I keep a step ladder in the kitchen. Sometimes, you just need a little help to get to the spot you’re aiming for! Love U sells this toy under two names, so that everyone knows that there’s more than just one way to use. In pink, it’s the “G Decadence”, but in gorgeous solid cobalt blue glass, we call it the “P Decadence”.

See that gorgeous curve? Yes, that one. That curve makes it so easy for the top of the toy to curve right into the perfect place to stimulate the prostate. And the handle doubles as a really yummy “beaded” insertion toy for the butt. The smooth, tempered glass makes it easy to insert with your favorite lube, easy to enjoy since its smooth surface makes penetration more comfortable, and even easier to clean up, since glass is totally non-porous and easy to sanitize.

Want to buy it? Easy – click here to go to the website; it’s only $48, and comes with it’s own padded storage pouch. Even better…want ME to show it to you and your friends, and talk about how to use it? Book me for a Love U Party!

You don’t have to come out to an event or store to see me teach; you can have an evening in your home with your friends to learn some super-hot sex tips, get all the details on how to choose toys, lubes, and healthy body products that are right for your body, and shop confidentially with the ONLY party company that puts your health, safety, and pleasure at the top of their list. Talk to me about booking your own party in October or November and I’ll even bring one of these along with me for you, as an extra bonus! I’m booking parties in VA, MD, and Washington DC…and I’ll be on the road in New York state and Chicago in October & November, so even out of towners can have a party with me! Read all about it – What are you waiting for?


Tuesday’s Toy: Thumper!

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Sep 21, 2010 in Reviews, Toys

Sex toy aficionados are a tough bunch to please. Some of us love the vibration on our clits. Some of us love the G-spot stimulation. And some of us like to have that in & out sensation. Some of us love all three…but what can we do, get three different toys and try to simultaneously use them all? If that’s you…never fear – Thumper is here!

The newest product in the Love U Parties line, Thumper is a multi-talented toy that’s made to get all the sensitive spots grooving and moving. It’s classic rabbit-style clit vibrator tickles just right, while the nubs at the base of the shaft deliver sensation to the vaginal entrance and the g-spot. And rather than twirling, the top of the shaft thrusts in and out, giving the recipient the deep penetration feeling that they crave. Thumper sports three independent vibrating motors and multiple levels of vibration to make it easy to fine-tune for a perfect ride.

This toy is made out of body-safe TPE (thermo-plastic elastomer), and is easy to clean between uses with our toy wipes or a soapy wet cloth. And it’s only $68! You can also, as always, earn it with your host credits when you host your very own Love U sex toy party for your friends to learn, laugh, and shop in the comfort of your own home. Drop me a line if you’re curious – if I can’t get to you, we have a team of consultants across the company to bring the fun directly to you!


Tuesday’s Toy: Stainless Steel & Black C-Ring

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Sep 14, 2010 in Reviews, Toys

“If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it…” Love U Parties Steel C-Rings are super sexy and hot!

It’s been a while since I made one of Love U’s gorgeous cock rings into the Tuesday Toy, so today I’m going to rectify that. I’d like to introduce you to one of our gorgeous metal toys, our Stainless Steel Silver & Black cock ring. With a sexy, high-tech look and a solid weight & cool steel feel, this cock ring is one that makes you stand up and take notice (ahem). With three sizes – 1 3/4″, 1 7/8″, and 2″ – you can get one that gives a perfect fit and feels amazing, while it gives you a nice “package” underneath your jeans, jock, or nothing at all.

Curious about cock rings, and how to size / use / wear them? No problem! Just email me and I’ll send you Love U’s instructions on how to measure yourself for a great fit, how to use them, how to get out of them, and what lubes go with each ring.

You can order the Stainless Steel & Black C-Ring from my Love U store today for $48; while you’re there, check out the rest of our c-rings, lube, and other toys!


Tuesdays Toy: Silicone Fantasy Gag

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Jul 20, 2010 in Reviews, Toys

I’m not a huge gag fan generally. They’re kinda…well, nasty. They get drool on them, and they’re hard to clean afterwards. And they’re just not sexy (red balls poking out of someone’s mouth make me think of Bozo the Clown, and I’m Just Not Wired That Way. So, having said that…this gag is pretty darn sexy – and easy to manage!

The Silicone Fantasy Gag has a nice insertable shape (yes, call it what you want…but I know what I think it looks like), a nice area for the wearer to bite down, and – SCORE – the leather strap (fully adjustable, as it fastens in the back with velcro) unsnaps from the silicone gag, which means you can clean it scrupulously (and even boil it or toss it in the dishwasher sans detergent to sanitize it). The leather part cleans up nicely with a little saddle soap or leather cleaner, if it gets messy. A HUGE plus is that silicone doesn’t irritate the skin like latex or rubber gags can, so the wearer doesn’t have to worry about any allergic reactions when using it (and really, who wants to explain to their boss why their whole mouth is swollen?).

Price? Under $50. Shipping? Discreet and quick. Freebies? You get entered into my drawing for a Rabbit Habit vibrator at the end of the month; the winner gets one of the best known, best built, and most body-friendly rabbit vibrators on the market, for free. What’s not to like?


Constructive Criticism

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Dec 19, 2007 in communication, Reviews

Last night, I spent a lovely couple of hours presenting for Black Rose’s Tuesday night educational meeting.  We talked about how to better accept service; this was the first time that I had presented this particular class, and so I asked for feedback.  Beyond the usual “great presentation” kind of comments, I got a few comments from people who were up front about parts of the class that they felt could have been done in a way that would have made the class flow better, or would have enhanced the way that the topic was received by the audience.  Some of those comments were very valuable; one or two were much more “blunt”.  It brought me back to something that we discussed in the class – how to give criticism or correct someone in a way that leaves them feeling valued, and hopefully wanting to improve.

It’s often called “bookending”.  Think of the criticism as a book; it doesn’t stand up as well on the shelf by itself, but if you place two supporting bookends next to it (in this case, positive reinforcement), it remains stable because it can lean on them.

When we deliver criticism, often the urge is to just say it & get it over with as quickly as possible, or to apologize for having to give it in the first place.  Both of those techniques diminish from the words we speak; the first doesn’t give context to the recipient of the criticism, and makes it very easy for them to dismiss the entire statement OR to take it very personally and allow it to affect their emotions or self esteem.  The second makes it seem that we don’t really believe that the criticism is justified; in trying to take the sting out of it, we minimize it to the point where they don’t even consider it as valid.

When we ‘bookend’ criticism, we use a very simple formula – a valid, positive comment/pat-on-the-back, followed by the criticism, and then a second (and different, if possible) positive comment.  It looks a little like this:

“You did a great job overall with washing the dishes last night; they were all beautifully clean and that makes me happy.  The one issue I did find was that you didn’t empty the dishwasher once it was done, and that means that we’ll have to stack dirty dishes in the sink until it gets emptied out, which leaves the kitchen looking messy.  Other than that, it was a huge help to me to have you get them washed and to know that I didn’t have to try to handle that after dinner made my evening so much more relaxing!”

That sounds a lot better than “Hey, you didn’t empty the dishwasher last night”, right?

So many of the challenges we encounter in our relationships, particularly in service-based relationships, revolve around communicating our needs and wants in clear and concise ways.  Often, being mindful simply of the way that we deliver correction & criticism can make a huge difference for us in how smoothly we get what we want.

As for me?  I’m listening to all of those comments & criticisms from last night, but some of them (the ones where there was also a positive comment or two) are sticking in my head a little better than others.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of December, and enjoy yourselves!


December … the year is almost over.

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Dec 3, 2007 in Reviews

December is dawning here in DC with all the flair of a windy March day and all the bite of a brisk evening in Juneau. Walking outside today, wrapped in my MC jacket with my scarf flying around my shoulders in the wind, I thought about how grateful I am to have gotten through the past few months. It seems that many of my friends (as well as I) have been experiencing lots of change in our lives, most notably in our intimate relationships and friendships. At Black Roses’ BRXX event this past weekend, I was led to many interactions with people where discussions centered around finding out what is important and necessary and non-negotiable in our lives, and how we might honor ourselves and our partners by talking about our needs and our wants openly and honestly. This seems like a good theme for December – we’re “closing out” the year on many levels, and it is in general a good time to think about how we’d like our lives to change in the coming year. I encourage you to take advantage of this time of transition and think about what you want your 2008 to look like, and start laying the foundations for making it a year of joy and growth for you!


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