Education Access Surveys Now Live!

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Apr 8, 2017 in Research, teaching

In an effort to gain more information about the barriers to education within sex positive & alternative sexuality communities, I created two short surveys. The surveys, with ten questions each, ask for feedback from folks about their experiences as attendees and/or educators within these communities. This includes adult sex education, leather / kink / BDSM, tantra, polyamory, swinging, and other non-mainstream expressions of sexuality and relationships.

The Sexuality Education Access Survey is centered on the experiences of people who want to or who have attended classes, workshops, and events.

The Educator Experience Survey is centered on the experiences of people who have taught at least one class or presentation within the alt sex communities, regardless of size, methodology, or location.

All responses are anonymous (I have turned IP logging on solely for security reasons). You will not be asked to give any personally identifiable information during the survey. The surveys will stay open until May 1, 2017, after which time the responses will be aggregated and the aggregated survey results will be shared publicly without any further interpretation, to allow educators, organizations, events, and communities to use the response data to inform their own internal conversations about education access. I will also use the survey results to inform my own workshops and educational efforts.

Any questions? Feel free to drop me an email at sarah.sloane (at) gmail.com!


Vibrators can save your life…

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Oct 14, 2010 in Articles, Research, Toys

Well, aren’t I full of content this week? Don’t get used to it, folks … I’m just finally home for a week and there’s an awful lot going on!

My second post for the MyPleasure.com blog went live yesterday; it summarizes a few interesting points from the recent Indiana University study on sexual behavior.

“Whether it’s the humble ecru plastic massager that is still touted in Walter Drake-type catalogs as a “muscle relaxer”, or the high powered engine built by Hitachi, vibrators have found their way into the hands of a huge percentage of Americans – but some of the specifics that these studies shed light on may be a bit unexpected by those who aren’t keeping their fingers on the – ahem – pulse of sexuality and society.”

The rest of the article, “Use a Vibrator, Have Better Sex. Really” is here…go give it a read! And take your…um…health into your own hands, why don’tcha?

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