Things I’m Proud Of

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Jun 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m proud of the people who do not “pass”…who never “passed”…because the strength and depth of commitment to authenticity that they have shown is what has made life start getting easier for so many queer people today.

I’m proud of the people who did the right thing when their friends, family, and lovers came out, and supported & loved them not despite their queerness, but because it was a sign of tremendous trust and vulnerability for them to tell their truth.

I’m proud of the people that guard and treat queer people in rough situations – the homeless shelters that work with queer youth who have been kicked out of their homes, the people that understand that domestic violence knows no gender or orientation, the people that provide compassionate health care for trans people without judgement or bias, and the people who do the right thing to safeguard the lives of those around them.

I’m proud of every LGBT soldier who raised their voices long & loud to fight for the right to fight for their country. And I’m proud that they are now coming out in public so that each American can see how amazing, diverse, and devoted our military service people are.

I’m proud to see the faces of people who demand their right to have their relationship recognized by the government. I’m proud to see the words from churches around the nation that refuse to deny the right to have all marriages & loving unions blessed at their altars.

I’m proud to be consistently taught about what the lives of my friends and acquaintances are like, and to bear witness to their triumphs and struggles. I’m grateful each moment that they open up their pain & joy to share with others, in hopes that their experiences can help someone else.

I’m proud to identify as a queer woman. I’m grateful to every queer person that came out before me, because it’s those people who made it possible for me to live my life the way that I am. And I hope that for every person that comes out, the path gets a little bit easier…until there is no reason to fear speaking our truth.

Happy Pride.

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