And, it arrives…

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Mar 12, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Every once in a while, I look around me and think “whoah – how did I get here?”. This is one of those times.

My contributors copies of The Ultimate Guide to Kink, by Tristan Taormino, arrived on my doorstep today. Some of my writing is in there; my chapter is entitled “Whole Hand Sex” and starts on page 69 (yes, seriously!), and discusses the hows and whys of vaginal fisting. And while that is cool…what’s amazing and humbling to me is being included in a book with people who shaped the way I think about kink and sex, and the way I educate. Midori, who was one of the first educators I had an opportunity to see. Patrick Califia, whose writing was formative in both my pervy kinky ideas and in my concepts of sex, gender, and family. Laura Antoniou, who has been an example of intelligence and a wicked sense of humor for me since I first saw her reading from her work in Richmond, VA a dozen or so years ago. Tristan Taormino, a woman who, in a very real way, has shaped & created a path for me, and has supported me with her spirit, her tenacity, her business acumen, and her recommendations for years. And others. And more. And more.

If you have not purchased your copy yet, please do so. You can click here (in which case, I’ll make a quarter or so off of it). You can pick it up at any of The Pleasure Chest stores (NY got it first!). You can visit your local bookseller (preferably a locally-owned establishment). But do give it a peek. If you’re a newcomer to the world of kink, a jaded pervert, or somewhere in between, I guarantee you’ll find something in this book that you didn’t know, that you haven’t thought of, or that inspires you to take a risk and ask for what you want. And now that I have my copy, I’ll do the same…


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