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Posted by Sarah Sloane on Feb 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last month, Garnet at MyPleasure.com (where I’ve done a few blog posts) sent me a new glass toy from Joyful Pleasure that she thought I’d like. Well…she was right.

This? This is the Pure Joy, an unusually-shaped glass toy with a flat base At 6.5″ insertable length, and with a 1.5″ width, it’s definitely filling; those who love girthier toys will enjoy this one.The design is very similar to some of the other bead / bubble shaped toys – a series of bubbles that flow smoothly into each other, giving your body lots of opportunity to tighten or relax around them & providing for some really amazing g-spot stimulation! (Unfortunately, my prostate-enabled co-tester was unavailable for this, but I’m guessing that he would have loved it – the gentle curve is fantastic for reaching deep inside). Anally, this is something that is definitely not a beginner toy, but if you’re used to using larger toys and love ripples (or your favorite set of larger anal beads), I’d give this a shot.

It has a base that can ostensibly be used with a harness, but I could not get it to fit & hold up well in my Spare Parts or my Aslan harnesses, as the weight of the toy pulled it too far forward for me to get the right aim – however, if you’re willing to support it with your hands or do shorter thrusts with it, it’ll likely work great for you!

I was personally not a huge fan of the bubbles for thrusting – I prefer a bit less of a bumpy ride than these offer – but an in-place, rocking motion hit my g-spot beautifully. It’s got enough girth at the top to really press against the g-spot, rather than “poking” at it like some toys with narrower or more pointed heads. I’d compare the sensations favorably with the larger head on the Pure Wand, and as I usually talk about in my g-spot classes, glass and metal are my two favorites for really getting the pressure that g- (and p-) spots love without the friction involved in other materials.

My one major complaint about this toy is the lack of information on the type of glass used. The box says “handmade” and “fracture resistant”, as well as that the glass is safe to boil & freeze – so my *guess* is that it’s shaped from a rod of borosilicate glass, but without that information, I cannot really feel 100% confident about that. As a result, I’m not going to do a heat sanitizing run on it as I’d do with other toys (I’m using antibacterial soap & water on this, which with a non-porous glass toy is sufficient for me to feel confident that it’s clean as a whistle). I’d love to see the type of glass listed on the packaging – maybe the folks at Joyful Pleasures can do that on their next product run?

All in all, it’s a lovely addition to my sex toy collection, and I’m not just saying that because it’s now sitting on my end table in my bedroom, looking lovely while it’s waiting for it’s next play session. Thanks, Garnet!

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