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My friend Toni Amato – who I respect more than words can say – is a writer, minister, coach, and community servant in Boston, MA, who is in need of our community’s help. Toni has been dealing with some extensively long, drawn out medical issues in the past year, and as someone who has followed his heart and spirit in his work, he’s like many of us – under-funded and under-insured. Toni deserves to have some time to put his body to rights, some money to help him afford to do so, and the love and support of as many people as possible to give him the energy to keep going & refine his work in 2012.

A group of Toni’s supporters have created Right Here, Right Now as a way to provide support to Toni (as well as help fund his work with writers and others who cannot afford to pay for the valuable assistance he offers). You can easily donate any amount (and there is over $3000 of matching-fund money available, so your donation will go even farther to assist). You can also offer your assistance in other ways, from social networking assistance to local in-person help to fundraising and even more.

If you wonder why I think you should help, look at it this way: Toni is a fundamental reason that many writers, activists, community organizers, and even educators (like me!) are where they are, both professionally and personally. The world would be a poorer place if Toni decided to fully step back from his calling because of a lack of ability to cover his expenses. And we, as a community, need to foster people like Toni, and ensure that the heart and soul of our world is nurtured and cherished.


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Let’s just say that I’m still not sure!
Between the move to Chicago, taking on a new job, and dealing with all of the kerfluffle that happens when a 40-something woman goes and lives on her own for the first time in almost 10 years, I’m still a bit topsy turvy. I know I’m loving Chicago – the weather, the people, and the food (oh, my). I know I’m loving my work. I know I’m missing the folks back home. And I know that winter is coming and I’m doing my best to fill out my wardrobe with clothing that, as one advice giver said, will “pad your ass and keep it dry when you slip on the ice”.

I’m still co-facilitating the Sex Positive Professionals Group that I co-facilitate. This group, run by Dr. Ruth Neustifter, brings together both established and budding sex educators from around the world, offering an ongoing curriculum of classes, one-on-one coaching, private interviews with the movers & shakers in sex positivity, and group “open office” calls & forums for members to network & learn from each other. I offer the one-on-one sessions for members, along with the group “open office” hours, and I’m so excited about everything we’re doing. If you’re a budding (or experienced) sex positive professional, consider joining us and taking advantage of the community & support.

I’m also THRILLED beyond words to announce two books that I had a small part in. First, my friends Dan & dawn from the Erotic Awakening podcast have released their second book, “Sex, Stories and Power Exchange: Adventures – and lessons – of a naughty power exchange couple“, which engages our brains (and our genitals) with fabulously slutty stories that inspire and provoke. I got the distinct pleasure of being asked to write a brief forward for the book, and the even more distinct pleasure of getting to ready it before it was printed (I’m all about being one of the first, you know). Second, Tristan Taormino’s new (and, in my opinion, groundbreaking) anthology, “The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Roleplay, and the Erotic Edge” is coming out in March 2012, and I am honored to be one of the writers that are included (along with luminaries like Midori, Patrick Califia, Lolita Wolf, Mollena Williams, Hardy Haberman, Edge, FifthAngel, etc., etc.). I was asked to write the chapter on vaginal fisting, and I’m really excited to see it in print.

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