Orientationally speaking…

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Aug 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s not unusual for us to change how we identify ourselves as we go through life. We may move from identifying ourselves as single to partnered, as child-free to parent, as employed to retired, as small to large; those changes are seen as a natural, normal part of our lives.

So why is it so outrageous when we decide that our sexual orientation is changing? Why is it something that’s seen a deceitful, willful, selfish, or even offensive when we realize that our old definitions just don’t work any longer? Even more, if we’re kinky, our play styles and orientation may (and usually do) change on a regular basis – yet I see social expectations (as well as outright pressure) to remain static and stick to a single role. Likewise for people that move between single romantic relationships to multiple romantic relationships (or vice versa).

Life is change. Sex is part of life. Therefore, sex is also change. When we embrace it, we can rejoice in it. When we fight it, we’re fighting our own core essence. Which would you prefer?

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