Contest winners!

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Feb 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s about time I gave away some sex accessories, don’t you think?

The comments on the contest post were really awesome…so awesome, in fact, that I could not pick a winner. Fortunately, two things helped with that:

1. I recruited some celebrity guest judges to help me: AliceSin Aerie (who writes at Fearless Press), MsZusa (HypnoDomme extraordinaire), and Tony (Contest Chair of Oklahoma Mr. Leather) – they helped me narrow the field.

2. The folks at Spare Parts were super generous…and I have EIGHT harnesses to give away!

So, without further ado, the winners are…

Kristen B
Sean aka Sorrow
Spoonfed Kitty

And a special pink harness is going to pony, whose comment was the overwhelming first choice of not just the judges, but other readers and our friends at Spare Parts!

Thank you all for participating – this was one of the most fun contests I’ve ever run, and really – nothing makes me happier than giving out free stuff 🙂


10 reasons why I’d be a lousy professional dominant

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Feb 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

1. I cannot abide being called “Mistress”. Can. Not. Stand. It. It’s like fingernails on a chalk board to me.

2. If a submissive says “I’ll do whatever you wish”, then I’ll have them re-grout the tub while I sit around and read a book.

3. The sexiness of giving me a tribute from a yarn store is negligible (to the submissive, at least…for me, it’s the height of respect and affection).

4. I physically cannot wear high heels, and I hate to have my feet worshiped. I doubly hate to have my toes sucked. It feels like someone’s flossing my toes with a piece of raw liver.

5. I don’t beat people to punish them. I ignore them. And I don’t always reward behavior. I evidently got the whole “A job well done is it’s own reward” ethic a lot better than the folks that raised me anticipated.

6. It’s *work*. I’d have to leave the house, dress up nicely, pack the toys, and then do it all in reverse after an hour or two. I’d rather stay home & knit.

7. I’m a cheapskate. I’d only buy my fetish wardrobe from thrift stores or during 80% off sales, and those things are almost never going to happen.

8. I don’t have the work ethic needed to be a successful pro dominant. If you know any successful pros, you know that they work far harder than most self-employed people do, and get far less respect.

9. I want to keep my amateur status, just in case the Olympics ever adds a BDSM Triathlon.

10. I’d have to shave my legs more often – and we won’t be having any of that!


I Heart Your Bottom Valentines Contest

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Feb 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Who wants a new strap on harness? Or their first harness, ever? C’mon. You know you do. Or your best friend, lover, occasional fuckbuddy, coworker, or parent does!

I have a top-of-the-line harness to give away, thanks to Spare Parts. I’m not telling you which one yet – but I will guarantee it’ll be in your size, AND I may even give you a choice of style or color! These harnesses are amazing – incredibly stylish construction, sturdy, comfortable, and easy to clean. If you’ve never tried one out…oh, then you’re definitely in for a treat!

Between now and Tuesday morning (Feb 8th) at 9 AM Eastern time, everyone gets a shot at it. All you have to do is tell me, in the comments section, why you want it. Persuade me. Tell me why you, of all the people in the land, deserve to get it. Give me a funny story about how crappy your current harness is, or write me some good free verse poetry about how badly you want it.

I’ll select a few secret judges to help me pick out the winner…and once we pick it, I’ll ship it out to you so that you can hopefully get it on Valentines day!

So enter, darn ya!

*Disclaimer: I can’t afford to ship this to Canada or overseas, but will be happy to accept a non-US winner, if they’ll pay shipping on it! Also, if you don’t leave a valid email address, I can’t get to you, so make sure you do that, ‘k?

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