Tuesdays Toy: Silicone K Balls to raise bucks for Scarleteen!

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Oct 26, 2010 in Reviews, Toys

Scarleteen needs your help. I need your help to give them some help. I have a selection of items that, if you purchase from me before November 15, I will donate 40% of the retail cost to Scarleteen. So far, their check from me is just about $20. Wouldn’t you like to see it grow?

This week’s reprise as a Tuesday’s Toy is the Silicone K Balls. These are seriously one of my all time top sellers. Why?

Body safe silicone lasts far longer than other lesser quality materials, and is easy to clean thoroughly.
Secure cord (also silcone) allows for easy, comfortable removal
The size of the K-Balls is big enough for you to feel, yet not so big that it’s not suited to people who don’t like larger toys.
-Their shape makes it easy to exercise your PC muscles by doing Kegel exercises around them
-The subtle vibration created by the internal rattles feels GOOD, especially when you’re moving around.
-They also work delightfully as an “add on” for those of you that like to be spanked, have your butt played with, or just be reminded while doing other things that you’ve got something special going on that nobody can see!

You can purchase your very own set of Silicone K-Balls in either pink & white or blue & white at my Love U website. They’re only $32! Add in a 4 oz. bottle of Love U Water Lube (safe for use with silicone toys, and as always it’s free of glycerine, parabens, DHEA, & it’s vegan, too), and you’ll not only have some of the best water-based lube & Kegel exercisers on the market, you will be responsible for a donation of $20 to Scarleteen!


Tuesdays Toy: Spot On Glass Wand

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Oct 19, 2010 in Toys

Last week, I talked a bit about the fundraising special I’m running to help get money into the hands of the good folks over at Scarleteen; on November 1, I’ll put up a blog post as part of their blog carnival, but from October 11 – November 15, I’ll be donating 40% of the retail cost of five Love U Parties items directly to Scarleteen! This week’s toy is one of my fundraising picks, the Spot On Glass Dildo.

This slender, yet sturdy toy is made of perfectly clear tempered glass and curved to caress your body with a cool, sensual touch. Ideal for either vaginal or anal play, the Spot On wand is perfect for people who love to get their G or P spots going but don’t like lots of bumps, ridges, or texture on their toys. Tempered glass is safe for insertion, and it’s non-porous (which means you can get it 100% clean very easily) and doesn’t require as much lube to get that friction-less feel that many people love.

At only $42, this toy is very affordably priced (especially when you consider how long you’ll use it – this is one toy that you won’t have to toss out after a year because it’s lost it’s appeal). And each purchase of this toy means that Scarleteen will receive a donation of $16.80. So go to my website, pick up a Spot On wand, throw in some lube (both Love U Silicone Lube & Water Lube are also included in my fundraising promotion), and take a peek at the Silicone K Balls & the Prostate Health plug – and know that not only are you getting some amazing toys, you’re helping to keep Scarleteen running for another year, and giving teens (and adults) around the world the knowledge and empowerment that they need to become the sexually happy, healthy, and loving beings that they were meant to be.


Talking about sexual assault survival at The CSPH

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Oct 17, 2010 in Media Links, teaching

Many of you know Megan Andelloux, and some may remember her fight with the Pawtucket RI city council to open The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health as a resource for sexual education, health, and wellness information. What you may not know is that Megan is one of my absolute favorite sex educators and I’m honored to count her as one of my friends. So, when she asked me to fill in at the CSPH’s recent “Talking About the Taboo” conference, I was more pleased to help than I can begin to tell you. While I was there, Maymay and Emma from Kink On Tap were generously recording the workshops, and the recording of my brief workshop on surviving sexual assault was just uploaded. I invite you to go here to check it out! Please note that there may be some triggering language in this video; also, if you’re interested in the resources mentioned (or my handout for the full class) please contact me!


Vibrators can save your life…

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Oct 14, 2010 in Articles, Research, Toys

Well, aren’t I full of content this week? Don’t get used to it, folks … I’m just finally home for a week and there’s an awful lot going on!

My second post for the MyPleasure.com blog went live yesterday; it summarizes a few interesting points from the recent Indiana University study on sexual behavior.

“Whether it’s the humble ecru plastic massager that is still touted in Walter Drake-type catalogs as a “muscle relaxer”, or the high powered engine built by Hitachi, vibrators have found their way into the hands of a huge percentage of Americans – but some of the specifics that these studies shed light on may be a bit unexpected by those who aren’t keeping their fingers on the – ahem – pulse of sexuality and society.”

The rest of the article, “Use a Vibrator, Have Better Sex. Really” is here…go give it a read! And take your…um…health into your own hands, why don’tcha?


Bullying Vs. Building Bridges: My speech at the Poly Pride X Rally

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Oct 13, 2010 in Articles, communication, Polyamory, Queer, relationships

As promised in various places, the following is the text of my speech from last weekend’s Poly Pride Rally, sponsored by Poly NYC.

It is my honor & privilege to be here today to speak to an amazing group of people who stand at the intersection of two communities that nourish & sustain me: the queer community, and the polyamorous community.

2010 is an amazing time to be queer in America. On the surface, our social and legal standing looks a bit bleak; the headlines reflect the bigotry of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the hatred and bullying aimed towards our LGBTQ youth, and the lack of legal marriage & partnership rights in almost every state in this nation. But underneath – we are making progress towards our goal of taking our place at the table of equal rights. Legal decisions are starting to move our way; public opinion is changing, slowly but surely, and more and more allies are standing with queer and trans people as we move forward in claiming those rights.

The queer community did not get here by telling heteronormative people that they’re wrong; in fact, we got here by doing the exact opposite – by building bridges. We got here by coming out as queer, by living our lives with our families in our communities, by letting our neighbors, coworkers, and acquaintances learn about our similarities, rather than focusing on our differences.

The polyamorous community can learn these lessons, too. I read poly blogs and websites, and listen to podcasts that often proudly exclaim how much more “normal” and better polyamory is than monogamy; this is not only inaccurate, but it’s incredibly counterproductive. Polyamory is a relationship style that requires different skill sets, different types of exploration, and a different intent; it’s neither better nor worse than monogamy, it’s simply different. Some people are cut out for one, others are suited for the other, and still more can adapt to either, based on circumstances and partners.

Yet when people who choose monogamy, as well as those who are beginning to explore their relationship orientation, hear these “better than” statements, it separates them from us, and deafens them to our message; we are criticizing the way that they choose to have relationships, and we become the same kinds of bullies that we decry. We gather no champions outside of our community, and even more, we push away our partners and friends who consciously choose monogamy because of their own needs and wants.

Instead, let’s learn from the experiences of the queer rights activists. Let’s engage in conversations about polyamory from a perspective of conscious consideration and talk about how our relationship structures are important based on our own needs. Let’s talk about open relationships as part of the spectrum of consensual healthy relationships, not the ONLY sane choice. And let’s reinforce that healthy relationships are our birthright, even if our relationships don’t look like those of our parents, our neighbors, or our legal structures. Let’s show the rest of the world smart, healthy examples of open relationships, and let’s celebrate our love as one of the unalienable rights that we are entitled to: life, liberty, and the pursuit of OUR happiness.


Purchase from Love U Parties, Give to Scarleteen!

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Oct 12, 2010 in Toys

As you saw in my blog post yesterday, I’m honored to be one of the participants in Scarleteen’s Sex Ed Blog Carnival. I believe in funding the amazing work that they’re doing – and I’d do it financially if I could. But since I can’t…I thought I’d ask for YOUR help in getting some money into their coffers!

Love U Parties Catalog

I’ve selected four Love U Parties items that I strongly believe in as great accessories for pleasure-based healthy sexuality: our Love U Lubes (both Silicone & Water Based), our Silicone K-Balls, our Prostate Health vibrating plug, and our Spot On Glass Dildo. And for the duration of the Sex Ed Blog Carnival (running until November 15), I will donate 40% of the sale price of EVERY ONE of these toys that are purchased through my website!

And yes, I’ll report back with the total once the blog carnival is over – I want you to see how much your purchases helped! I have set a goal of being able to donate at least $500 to Scarleteen through this fundraising effort – please pick your favorite items, purchase them, and enjoy the pleasure of not only using some incredible toys and lube, but also the knowledge that you’re supporting healthy sex education for teens (and adults!) around the world.

Please note: this is a fundraiser that I’m offering – not Love U Parties as a whole, though they wholeheartedly support it! Ordering through the main Love U website or any other consultant’s page won’t ensure your donation – so please make sure you use the above links (or click the Love U banner to the right of this post) so that I can make sure your purchase is counted.


Scarleteen’s Blog Carnival starts Oct 15

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Oct 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Help Scarleteen continue to provide honest sex education for everyoneMost of you have probably visited Scarleteen – a project started by Heather Corinna as a way to provide a honest, open, and trustworthy resource for sex education information for teens from all walks of life, all genders, orientations, and experience levels. I was really honored when AAG contacted me and asked me if I’d consider writing a blog entry as part of Scarleteen’s Sex-Ed Blog Carnival, to help aim attention to the site and to help kickstart fundraising for the coming year.

Scarleteen is privately funded; rather than relying on donations & grants that might limit their ability to give out honest information, they opt instead towards funding from individuals and others that give without strings attached. This means that they really do need every dollar that is donated, so even if you only have a few dollars to spare, consider sending some their way. They do the big, important work that nobody else can – or will – and they deserve all the support we can give them.


Tuesday’s Toy: Sweet Snow Powder

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Oct 5, 2010 in Reviews, Toys

Sometimes, we forget that sexuality springs from intimacy and connection…and we ignore the power of simply touching our partner in favor of focusing on the business at hand. I recently was reminded how intense that simple touches can be…so I decided to pick a Love U Parties product that helps us connect with each other in sensual & sexy ways. This week’s product is Sweet Snow Body Powder.

Sweet Snow is not a talc-based body powder; it’s main ingredients are corn starch & aluminum starch, both of which are far healthier for our delicate areas and are amazing at isolating wetness, keeping our skin fresh, sweet, and dry. It’s ideal for brushing on our bodies when we want to feel a little fresh (especially common this time of year, with the temperature changes between heated buildings and the chilly outdoors); it even comes with it’s own beautiful feather brush so that you will feel sensual, even when simply applying it!

The two-person benefits are incredible. This powder is lightly sweet and comes in two flavors – honey and strawberries & champagne – so that not only can you trace your tongue gently over your lover’s skin after you’ve stroked the powder over their body, but your kisses will be sweeter afterwards, as well! It can be used for sensation play, with the feather brush, or applied with the hands to give an amazing oil-free massage.

This was, hands down, the best seller at my last Love U party – find out why. Order an 8 0z. pouch of the Sweet Snow Powder in your choice of flavor for $36, and spend the fall months delighting yourself – or your lover – with some much needed touch time. And as another of my Tuesdays Toy choices for October, if you book a party with me for November or December, the Sweet Snow Powder may be the item I’ll bring with me to give you at your party, on top of all the amazing host rewards and exclusives that you’ll earn. All you have to do is let me know and we’ll schedule a time – hosting a party is simple, fun, educational, and rewarding!

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