Tuesdays Toy: Decadence

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Sep 28, 2010 in Reviews, Toys

I keep this toy around for the same reason I keep a step ladder in the kitchen. Sometimes, you just need a little help to get to the spot you’re aiming for! Love U sells this toy under two names, so that everyone knows that there’s more than just one way to use. In pink, it’s the “G Decadence”, but in gorgeous solid cobalt blue glass, we call it the “P Decadence”.

See that gorgeous curve? Yes, that one. That curve makes it so easy for the top of the toy to curve right into the perfect place to stimulate the prostate. And the handle doubles as a really yummy “beaded” insertion toy for the butt. The smooth, tempered glass makes it easy to insert with your favorite lube, easy to enjoy since its smooth surface makes penetration more comfortable, and even easier to clean up, since glass is totally non-porous and easy to sanitize.

Want to buy it? Easy – click here to go to the website; it’s only $48, and comes with it’s own padded storage pouch. Even better…want ME to show it to you and your friends, and talk about how to use it? Book me for a Love U Party!

You don’t have to come out to an event or store to see me teach; you can have an evening in your home with your friends to learn some super-hot sex tips, get all the details on how to choose toys, lubes, and healthy body products that are right for your body, and shop confidentially with the ONLY party company that puts your health, safety, and pleasure at the top of their list. Talk to me about booking your own party in October or November and I’ll even bring one of these along with me for you, as an extra bonus! I’m booking parties in VA, MD, and Washington DC…and I’ll be on the road in New York state and Chicago in October & November, so even out of towners can have a party with me! Read all about it – What are you waiting for?


Quickie Class Announcement

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Sep 22, 2010 in teaching

Next Thursday, September 30, I’ll be teaching an online class through Power Play Academy called “Entering the Scene”. At only $25 for 90 minutes worth of great info on how to find, get involved in, and impress potential friends & partners, it’s a total steal 🙂 Here’s the info:

Entering the Scene: Navigating the Waters of the BDSM Community
September 30, 9:00 – 10:30 PM EST
$25, Pre-registration required

If you’re thinking about stepping out of your home and into the real-life BDSM community—whether a party, a social group, or an educational event–you might find the process intimidating.

*How do you find a group that you’ll be comfortable in?

*How do you pick a BDSM event to attend that you’ll enjoy?

*How can you get to know great people?

*What are the “rules” for social & play events?

*How can you stay safe?

*And most of all… how can you make sure that you’re finding what you want?

Many people are held back by uncertainty and never muster the courage to step into real time. Braver souls who go to an event unprepared may have a negative experience and decide never to return.

That’s a shame on both counts—and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Join Sarah Sloane, long-time BDSM educator and former newbie, in this live webcast class and discussion created especially for newcomers to the public BDSM scene. She will guide you compassionately and intelligently through the critical information and self-exploration that will help you to venture into the BDSM community with the best results.

Through lecture, class discussion, and Q&A, you and your fellow participants will build realistic expectations, understand social nuances, and gain a sense of personal comfort & safety during your first steps into the kinky world.

Sound interesting? Check out the website for details, and to register!


Tuesday’s Toy: Thumper!

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Sep 21, 2010 in Reviews, Toys

Sex toy aficionados are a tough bunch to please. Some of us love the vibration on our clits. Some of us love the G-spot stimulation. And some of us like to have that in & out sensation. Some of us love all three…but what can we do, get three different toys and try to simultaneously use them all? If that’s you…never fear – Thumper is here!

The newest product in the Love U Parties line, Thumper is a multi-talented toy that’s made to get all the sensitive spots grooving and moving. It’s classic rabbit-style clit vibrator tickles just right, while the nubs at the base of the shaft deliver sensation to the vaginal entrance and the g-spot. And rather than twirling, the top of the shaft thrusts in and out, giving the recipient the deep penetration feeling that they crave. Thumper sports three independent vibrating motors and multiple levels of vibration to make it easy to fine-tune for a perfect ride.

This toy is made out of body-safe TPE (thermo-plastic elastomer), and is easy to clean between uses with our toy wipes or a soapy wet cloth. And it’s only $68! You can also, as always, earn it with your host credits when you host your very own Love U sex toy party for your friends to learn, laugh, and shop in the comfort of your own home. Drop me a line if you’re curious – if I can’t get to you, we have a team of consultants across the company to bring the fun directly to you!


Tuesday’s Toy: Stainless Steel & Black C-Ring

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Sep 14, 2010 in Reviews, Toys

“If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it…” Love U Parties Steel C-Rings are super sexy and hot!

It’s been a while since I made one of Love U’s gorgeous cock rings into the Tuesday Toy, so today I’m going to rectify that. I’d like to introduce you to one of our gorgeous metal toys, our Stainless Steel Silver & Black cock ring. With a sexy, high-tech look and a solid weight & cool steel feel, this cock ring is one that makes you stand up and take notice (ahem). With three sizes – 1 3/4″, 1 7/8″, and 2″ – you can get one that gives a perfect fit and feels amazing, while it gives you a nice “package” underneath your jeans, jock, or nothing at all.

Curious about cock rings, and how to size / use / wear them? No problem! Just email me and I’ll send you Love U’s instructions on how to measure yourself for a great fit, how to use them, how to get out of them, and what lubes go with each ring.

You can order the Stainless Steel & Black C-Ring from my Love U store today for $48; while you’re there, check out the rest of our c-rings, lube, and other toys!


Tuesdays Toy: Leather Wrist Wallet

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Sep 7, 2010 in Toys

The problem with trying to look really hot (especially those of you that like to flag your hankie colors of choice in your back pocket) is that your wallet or purse ruins the look – especially if you need to travel as light as possible, leaving your whip wielding arm or paddle-receiving butt unencumbered for shenanigans. We make it easy-peasy with our Leather Wrist Wallet.

It wraps around your wrist and snaps in place with two heavy duty snaps, and has room to hold your calling cards, cash, credit card, and ID. You can even tuck a condom into it…just in case. It’s got two sets of snaps so you can adjust it to fit, and will stay in place through all the spankings you can deliver (or take!). Order your Wrist Wallet for $46, and enjoy it for years to come. Heck, hand it down to your kids when you’re done with it. Take the condom out first, though, would ya?


Thoughts on Service

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Sep 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

A friend of mine, Rope Boi, emailed me some thoughts on service that were spurred by a previous conversation with another person. I loved the way that service was described in context of personal boundaries, and asked permission to reprint part of our email exchange here.

“Service, for me, means dedicating myself to pleasing someone else, to doing for and being for another, regardless of the task or whatever I might think of that activity outside of a service context.  Anything can be a service.  For me, service does not designate particular acts but rather an attitude and an orientation.  When I’m in service, I will do all manner of activities that I might otherwise not enjoy or even hate, and I will even willingly discard many of my usual limits (though I may regret that later), if doing so is a “service.”  I take pleasure in service for the sake of service.  That sense of purpose, that vocational feeling, is transformative and allows me to do what I otherwise won’t or can’t: seemingly to do the impossible.  When I commit to a service position, that puts me in a highly vulnerable, emotionally raw position, and leaves me open to potential manipulation and damage. When I serve someone, I am putting my complete trust in them, trusting them not to abuse that service relationship.  I thus try not to enter into service lightly.  Sometimes I feel a strong desire to serve a particular person, and I have learned to question and check that feeling, and not to act on it without thinking through the implications.”

Often I hear from people who feel a desire to serve someone, but never actually go through the same level of consideration as if they were going to submit to playing with someone (or even negotiate sex with them). Because I think many people see service as a low-risk activity, they often forget about the needs that can come along with it: the need to be safe, to be valued, to not have one’s hard limits pushed, to be able to communicate with the person(s) that one is doing service for, and the need to be challenged to grow. Rope Boi’s short essay is a great reminder of not only the trust that a service giver has in the person that they are serving, but also on the responsibilities that the person receiving service has for the overall experience and well being of their server.

(If you’d like to reach Rope Boi, you may do so via email or Twitter. While this post is covered by my usual Creative Commons license, the quote above is solely the property of Rope Boi, and if you wish to reprint it away from this full post, please contact them directly for permission).


Quick updates

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Sep 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

September is Prostate Cancer awareness month, and MyPleasure asked me to write a blog post for them on the prostate. I came up with 10 Things You (probably) Didn’t Know About the Prostate! Go read, and comment! If you’ve got a prostate, please make sure your doc has checked for prostate cancer and other prostate issues by digital examination (the one some of y’all hate), or by looking for the PSA markers via blood test. Prostate cancer can be treated easily and effectively, especially when it’s caught early, so you owe it to your future health to stay on top of it!

Also, I just confirmed a few days ago that I’ll be one of the speakers at Poly NYC’s Poly Pride Rally on Saturday, October 9 in Central Park. The exact time is TBA (but when I have it, I’ll add it to my schedule and send it out on Twitter & Facebook). I’m really thrilled to have this opportunity, and I hope that some of my friends, clients, and supporters can make it out to the event!

Finally, on October 10th, I’ll be particpating at the shindig up at the CSPH in Rhode Island, along with other amazing folks – and I understand that other amazing activists & educators, like Audacia Ray, will be there, too! Come out, come out & join us all!


A Newsmag Just For Kinksters – Fearless Press!

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Sep 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Just a quickie post to tell you the new project from my friends at Kink Academy is finally up and open for your perusal! Fearless Press is intended to be a work safe (ie: no naughty images) way for you to get sensible, witty, in depth articles on a variety of topics around sexuality and BDSM. With regular authors such as Megan Andelloux, Dr. Dick Wagner, AliceSin Aerie, Erin Fae, Nina Love, Savannah Sly, and even me, you’ll find it (hopefully!) as exciting, inspiring, and educational as I do.

My own column, Dear Sarah, gives readers an opportunity ask questions that they may not feel comfortable or confident asking their peers, or just something that they’ve always been curious about. Currently, my three published columns center on dominant, submissive and service topics, but the field is wide open for you to ask whatever’s on your mind…and maybe I’ll get to answer it in my next installment!

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