Tuesdays Toy: Prostate Health

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Jun 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok, those of you with prostates? Listen up. I’ll only say this once (today, anyhow). Prostates can be a lot of fun to play with. Of course, we’ll call this one “Prostate Health” so you feel like you’re taking care of your body (which, really, you are, because this toy can help with not only prostate health issues but also with improving the muscles surrounding it), but there’s no reason that you can’t do something healthy AND fun for your prostate, right?

The Prostate Health plug is a great little toy with lots of extra added benefits. The firm silicone is not only healthy for your body (unlike the rubber or jelly toys that are out there), but it’s also curved to fit in your rectum without discomfort. The head of the toy is shaped so that it puts a bit of pressure directly on the prostate, and the neck has ridges that help you tighten and release around it without it popping out. The base is long enough to get a grip on for insertion or removal, but narrow enough that it doesn’t push the buttocks apart and feel uncomfortable. And bonus? There’s a zippy little bullet vibe that you can insert & remove as you please, which gives a little added zing to your prostate play.

How do you use it? Lube it up with your water based lube of choice, then slip it in. Relax and start tightening and releasing around the toy. Breath deeply, or use some breathing techniques borrowed from your tantric or yogic practices. Enjoy. Repeat. Easy peasy. You can also put this in place before & during masturbation or other sexy fun time and enjoy some back-door stimulation along with the up-front stimulation!

The cost on this little gem is $60 (includes the vibrator). The pleasure? Priceless.


Tuesday’s Toy: Love U Wand

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Okay, so I haven’t really posted much in the past few weeks other than my Tuesday’s Toys…I’m sorry folks! I’ve been crazy with the traveling, so I’m doing the best I can.

Love U WandI had a great time at Twisted Tryst last weekend in Wisconsin – I actually got some play time in, and had some amazing connections with folks. I had a Love U Parties table there, as well, and my top seller (by a big margin) was our Love U Wand! In fact, a few people came by and said “I heard you had a mini-hitachi here”, so I guess that it was getting some great buzz around camp (pun FULLY intended).

The Love U Wand is petite – less than half the length of the big massagers, and small enough to slip into your bag or backpack. It’s got a dial control, so you can get any level of vibration you want. My magic wand-using friends have said that this is just about as powerful, far quieter, and they like that the sensation can be targeted more easily because of the size. It runs on 6 AA batteries, is phthalate free, and washes up in a jiffy.

Bonus? There are even attachments! These high quality silicone attachments come in a package of two different shapes for only $28, and give you a bunch of new ways to explore your body with the Wand…these babies fit into all your nooks and happy places. Pick them up with a Love U Wand and rev up your bedroom this summer!


Tuesday’s Toy: Twist Rechargeable Wand

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This is the one toy that bends over backwards to make you happy! The Twist wand is totally unique – it has two ends with two different shaped heads, each one with it’s own vibrating motor with seven different settings, letting you customize it perfectly to the stimulation you want! It’s also a fantastic toy for use both solo and with partner(s); the ability to twist the shaft to create a 90 degree angle lets you get a better angle, regardless of how you want to use it. You can set the two vibrating ends to the perfect “shiver” setting and use it on two different areas. As a bonus? It’s rechargeable, so no hunting for batteries! As with all Love U Parties toys, the Twist is free of phthalates and other substances that can irritate our bodies. This little baby retails at $125, but as a party host (yes, online parties count too!) you can get it at 50% off. Even better? Become a Love U Parties Independent Consultant and MAKE money from it!


Tuesdays Toy: Pride Dog Tags

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So, it’s not a sex toy. But it is one of my favorite items from our new Love U Desire – Tempt – Excite catalog! These Pride Dog Tags are enamel on metal with a 28″ long bead chain (so you can shorten it as needed, depending on where you want it to hang…). These are available this week, and are perfect for Pride Month as well as all year long! Choose Bear Pride, Gay Pride, or Leather Pride – or get them all to help people cruise you at your favorite haunts and parties. $20 each.


Slow down, you move too fast…

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(This is a golden oldie from a few years back that I found languishing in my drafts folder; it struck home with me yet again when I re-read it, so I decided to go ahead and post it for you all to enjoy… -ss)

The past two weeks have been an exercise in recognizing and respecting my physical limits.  You see, I was working for a gentleman of my acquaintance, tasked with prepping the floor and applying self-adhesive vinyl flooring.  In the course of said prepping, I turned my back in a way that triggered a very old issue with my sacrum and…well, that’s all she wrote.  I was almost unable to move without considerable pain by the next morning; by the time Saturday rolled around I hadn’t been able to leave the house for 2 1/2 days and the pain wasn’t being touched by anything I had on hand.  I went to the doctor and choked up the fee, and was given the appropriate medication to help relax my spasming muscles and allow me to experience less pain.  “Slow down, and take it easy”, she said as we left her office.

It would be an understatement to say that I rarely do what I’m told.  I pushed myself a few times, and paid the price.  A week after the doctors visit, we moved into our new home, and during the last week and the move itself I kept trying to be an active part of the work.  I felt guilty that I couldn’t do my fair share.  I felt annoyed with myself, irritated that something as stupid as pain was keeping me still.  So, of course, I kept getting up, kept trying to move things around and such.  Sunday morning, I woke up with more pain than I had experienced in days.

My lesson was obvious -pushing  myself past healthy boundaries and ignoring the signs that my body and mind give me leads to more pain than I actually needed to experience.  And it amazes me how often I find myself doing just that – pushing myself to accept more, do more, BE more than I am without regard for my own well being.  I over commit myself and berate myself when I can’t follow through as I’d like.  I try to lift boxes that are too heavy for me to lift without injury.  I emotionally take on pain from others without taking care of my own issues first.  I procrastinate, then expect myself to pull off super-human levels of work in the final minutes, only to punish myself when it’s not done as well as I would like.

It takes years, decades even, for many of us to learn how to set, and honor, healthy boundaries for ourselves.  And often, we catch ourselves believing that we should have “arrived” at a certain point in our journey, and that we are at fault if we aren’t there yet.  But to listen to our bodies, our hearts, our intuition when they tell us “slow down” is likely one of the most valuable lessons that we can possibly use.


Tuesdays Toy: Love U Silicone Lube

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Silicone lube is amazing stuff. It’s very body friendly – it doesn’t create or exacerbate allergies, and can be used by people with very sensitive skin. It stays slippery for a LONG time. Seriously, a long time. It also stays slippery in watery environments (it’s sex in the shower season, after all). It works great with condoms, and is totally awesome for both vaginal & anal use, as well as a great JO lube. Bonus? It doesn’t take as much silicone lube to do the job as it would if it were a water based lube, so your lube will go a LOT further (important to know, because otherwise the price difference may send you into sticker shock). Do you know what else you can use it for?

-A fantastic lubricant for shaving that leaves your skin smooth and soft
-A quick skin conditioner for dry hands, legs, and elbows (seriously – my fave Crabtree & Evelyn lotion has silicone as a major ingredient!)
-A great hair smoother – yes, I do use it on my curly hair and it makes it shiny & soft, and smoothes down the frizzies.
-An awesome way to reduce skin friction in shorts season (think upper thighs!)

    The one thing we don’t want you to use it for is as a lube with silicone toys; silicone lube can bind with the toy material and degrade (potentially ruin) your spiffy, sexy toy! (As an aside…while some silicone toymakers say that their materials can stand up to it, we suggest doing a “test patch” at the base or another part that doesn’t have body contact to make sure).

    Love U Silicone Lube is $28 for a whopping 4 oz. bottle…and summer is the season where having Silicone lube makes a lot more sense (what with all the slippery fun you people get up to!). Order it directly from my website. OR – pick out a few other items totaling $60 or more, and I’ll give you the silicone lube at half off! Just email me if you want to get in on that deal (which will expire on 6/15).

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