Beyond disgusted…partly with myself.

First, please go read Maymay‘s post, Edenfantasys unethical technology is a self-referential black hole.

Next, please note my comment that I left there (which may still be in the moderation queue, as it was within the past hour at the time of this writing):

“I removed all of my outbound links to EF & SexIs last week due to other issues, however this disturbs me beyond belief. I was one of the people responsible for hiring & editing other amazing writers while I worked at SexIs…and I had absolutely no idea that this was going on. I wish I had known; if I had, my time with EF would have ended long ago and I would not have spent so much of my time and so much of my energy (and risked my reputation) encouraging others to work with them and defending them because “my experience with them is good!”.

I also checked my contract, and now have a very different understanding of this clause than I did when I signed it…

“Author agrees that company has it’s own discretion to format editorial material, embed advertisement, hyperlinks, and visual arts within it…”

Thanks for going to all this effort to let everyone know about their business dealings, Maymay.”

And finally…I’m upset that I spent a lot of time, energy, and attention trying to talk EF up as a company to work for or with. I went to bat for them, believing that they really had changed since the troubles that Shanna & AAG had with them prior to my employment with them. I’m even more upset that I connected friends & colleagues with them for work; those writers now have to consider that their work may not actually be benefiting them in the greater scale – only within the self-referential world of EF’s websites. And I feel that I’ve let them down.

Mea culpa. At least I’ve learned my lesson. I will only work with companies that I TRUST the owners & management of to do the right thing, ethically and professionally.

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