Tuesday’s Toy of the Week: The C-Sling

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Apr 27, 2010 in How-to, Toys

C SlingOh, my dears – what joy this cock sling can bring! Solo or partnered play gets a boost with this lovely silicone cock ring with an “extra added bonus”- the shelf goes underneath the scrotum and the tip presses or rubs against the perineum (depending on how active you are), so not only does it sustain larger erections & extend orgasm, it also gives some amazing stimulation to a very sensitive area.

100% silicone means it’s easy to clean – just wash it with soap and water or throw it in the dishwasher (yes! seriously!). Add a dab of your favorite water based lube to the inside of the ring before slipping your cock & balls through (balls first, one at a time, then cock – just like a traditional cock ring), and it’s easy to get on & off. And for those of you that like to enhance your package? You can wear it under your jeans to give you a decidedly “big” look!

Want to get this toy absolutely free? Easy! Host a party (catalog or in person) with me, and with just $400 in sales this baby is YOURS!


Earth Day Play…

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Apr 22, 2010 in How-to, Toys

What toys offer the least ecologically-damaging options for sexy, kinky play? How can you minimize your “sexual footprint”? Here are some ideas…

green grass

Stay away from phthalates & other chemicals that leach out of the toys into your body. Look for materials that pass the “sniff test” (if it smells like chemicals when you take it out of the package, guess what it’s probably made of?)
Look for items that don’t need batteries, or that have a long-lasting rechargeable battery – the money you save over years of use will be as impressive as the batteries that don’t end up used up & polluting the earth!
Use toys that are easily recycled when they’ve brought you all the pleasure they can, and need to be disposed of – glass, wood, and metal are amazing options.
Use lubes, body washes, and other sexy body products that incorporate organic materials; not only are they healthier for your body, they increase demand for organics and offer farmers a better standard of living from using lower-impact farming processes.
Keep your toys in their own bags or cases to save on wear and tear (like scuffing, cracking, or tearing). You can make your own inexpensive fabric bags out of old clothing (cut off & seamed up arms of shirts are awesome and take under 10 minutes to make), or you can invest in a variety of sexy cases. You can even hit up your local organizing & crafts shops for more ideas!
Like leather? So do I! But it’s not the healthiest thing for the earth; cattle use up a huge amount of resource and create tremendous waste, and some tanning processes use caustic chemicals that create even more of an environmental impact. You can lessen the impact by choosing vegetable tanned leathers, or you can go one better and get pre-used leather at the thrift store! A skirt can easily be cut apart to make a short flogger, and 15 year old chaps have almost zero difference in style to chaps made this year.
Buy quality. Yes, that rechargeable vibrator may cost 2 or 3 times more than it’s more cheaply made counterpart, but if it lasts you for 5-10 years (which is likely, with good care) and saves you the cost of replacing hundreds of batteries, it’s actually a better financial choice than the cheaper one.
Shop local. Buy from people and stores that give back to your community, as well as employ or support local residents. What goes around comes around, and the support of local business & consultants provides even more money at the local level to make positive change in your hometown.


This weeks toy…Panty Play!

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Apr 20, 2010 in Toys

Panty PlayI just got a big box of toys from Love U – and I am loving the Panty Play vibe! Panty Play is a discreet little silicone toy that slips into undies and cups the vulva; the removable one-touch bullet vibe delivers a punch to the whole genital region! Imagine wearing this while you’re doing “other things” and getting some expertly delivered sensation…or having your partner wear it while you drive them wild with your body and other toys!

Panty Play is silicone, so it’s non-porous, easily cleaned in the dishwasher, and very body-friendly. The bullet vibe can be removed & replaced as needed, so this is one toy that is ideal for delivering years and years of subtly sublime sensations…and at $30, it’s also amazingly affordable!

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This Week’s Toy: The G-Shaft

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Apr 14, 2010 in Toys

GShaftThis little buddy is one of my favorite silicone G-spot toys! It’s so easy to handle – the loop can be used either as a finger hold, or you can insert the vibrator to give you a double-bump of pleasure (vibrations to both your clit & your g-spot)…and since it’s silicone, it can be cleaned very easily and will last for years

Just remember that like other silicone toys, water based or hybrid (aka Silk) lubes are recommended; you’ll also want to make sure you remove the vibrator before you immerse it in water or toss it in the dishwasher to clean & sanitize it. Another trick? Put a little dab of lube on the vibe before you slip it into the toy – it goes it so much easier (and comes out quicker when you’re done).

The price is $48 – but if you order this week, in addition to your G Shaft toy (and any other goodies you order from me), I’ll send you a special gift FREE! No, I’m not telling what it is, but I guarantee you’ll be pleased with it…

(Oh…and for those of you with prostates? This is a PERFECT prostate play toy!)


New Class Alert!

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Apr 11, 2010 in teaching

I just finished up a brand new class, especially for those of you that are interested in dicks of all sizes, shapes, colors, and consistencies!

Tantus_VIP_1ยท Full Body Fellatio
There’s more to sex than just “Tab A into Slot B”…and there’s more to fellatio than deep-throating! Regardless of the kind of cock you’re working with – big, small, silicone, flesh, cut or uncut, there are hundreds of things you can do as part of a blow-job to make your partner’s toes curl, fingers clench, and brain explode. We’ll talk about erogenous zones, the right mindset for giving head, integrating some extra added bonuses into what you’re doing, and even how to make safer sex practices (like barriers) work to help, rather than hinder, the pleasure. We’ll even talk about how to work around physical limitations to make showing off your oral expertise more pleasurable for you, too!

This class is geared for sex positive events and stores, and can be done as a Love U Class/Party, as well! Please email me if you’d like to book this class at your location…I promise it’ll be fun, informative, and ultimately mindblowing ๐Ÿ™‚


Me + Love U – A Great Match!

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Apr 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

There have been a few challenges in my path as an educator – finding ways to get out to more people and more places to talk about healthy sex, kink, and relationships has been a big one. Making sure that students, friends, and clients have access to healthy products is another. And – sadly, one of the biggest has been finding the money to make all that happen.

I’ve tried lots of things – taking merchandise with me sometimes (which I’m very grateful to Tristan Taormino, who makes some of her books, DVDs, and toys available to me to sell when possible), having affiliate links on my website (which is great to promote other businesses but doesn’t really put money in my pocket), you name it. But I have finally found something that seems like a perfect fit!

As of today, I’m joining Love U Parties as a sex educator & consultant!


Love U, created by Ducky Doolittle & Metis Black of Tantus fame, has got an amazing line of body care, sex toys, lubes, & even a few kinky fun toys – all made of body-friendly materials and backed by amazing brands such as Tantus, Shunga, ID Glide, Boy Butter, Sportsheets, and more.

You can order online through my direct Love U website; every order is shipped directly to you from Love U, so you’ll have it arrive safely, exactly as you ordered it, and won’t have to wait until the next time you’re at an event or kinky vending area. You can even let me know if I’ll be at an event with you and you’d like to purchase it from me in person, and I can bring it to you!

You can also book a party & get free stuff in addition to having a custom-created sex education class with me in your own home. I’m willing to do parties while I travel, but of course need to book them way in advance, so let me know if you want to talk about having one!

As a kick off – and to hopefully inspire you to help me get started – the first five people who place an order totaling $30 or more on my Love U page will get a great extra special goodie worth over $25 for FREE shipped to you directly from me! I won’t tell you what just yet – but I promise it’s something that everyone can enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m still doing the same work I have always done – teaching at for-profits and non-profits, writing, and coaching – but this will hopefully help me do all of those things better!

So, check out my website, look at the info about booking a party, place an order, or email me with any questions – I’d love to work with you!

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