New Class: Monogamy as a Conscious Choice

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Feb 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

After teaching, presenting, writing, and practicing conscious polyamory for years, one thing that’s always bothered me is that there are no classes – and very little outspoken support – for people who choose to be monogamous in the sex positive & kink communities. In fact – some of the outspoken poly folk who like to talk about how much more “enlightened” they are than monogamous folk give poly a bad name. So…it’s about time I created this class:

Monogamy As A Conscious Choice

Are you committed to monogamy as a personal choice? In a monogamous relationship and part of a sex positive community, yet feel an unspoken judgement or pressure to be non-monogamous? Tried polyamory and found out it’s really not for you – but want to incorporate some of what you’ve learned in a different kind of monogamous relationship? Sarah Sloane, an experienced presenter on polyamorous topics, turns the tables & discusses monogamy from the perspective of choice, rather than default. She will talk about the many benefits to monogamy, negotiating your monogamous relationship, common challenges for monogamous couples & singles (especially within sex positive communities), and ways to strengthen both your relationship and your individual growth.

Interested in attending this class? Want to have me teach it at your event, store, or organization? Just drop me a line at sarah.sloane (at) gmail.com!


Feb 23: Spiritual Service call-in class with Charmed Blyss

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This class caught my eye on Fetlife yesterday, and I immediately put it on my calendar. The presenter, Blyss, is a woman that I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with about thoughts on service and spirituality, and I’m looking forward to her presentation. Please feel free to join her class next Tuesday, Feb 23…

Join Charmed Blyss in a delightful and informative discussion on providing spiritual service within a power exchange.

Spiritual Service: Enriching the Soul within a Power Exchange

Often overlooked in the frenzy to find the ‘one’, both dominant and submissive alike overlook the importance of a spiritual connection that supplements the power exchange relationship that is either already in existence or just developing. The subject is rarely broached in the initial stages of many lifestyle relationships, even though lifestylers find their religious or spiritual practices to be of utmost importance. This workshop address the importance of building a spiritual foundation within the relationship, whether the dynamic is polyamorous or monogamous, and how to establish that firm foundation from the beginning. Blyss will discuss ways of providing spiritual service/support to nurture the souls of all involved. A major part of the discussion will focus on establishing daily practices and rituals, focusing intent, and respecting spiritual/religious boundaries.

When: February 23, 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST
Where: Online conference space provided by Master Black Zeus http://www.hotconference.com/conference,87809253,private – Password is gifts

This is a don’t miss online workshop that you can enjoy from the convenience (and warmth) of your own home! I look forward to seeing you there.


Monday, March 15 – Write It Out

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Inspired by the question “What would happen if I wrote what I really think about something important?”, I decided that on March 15, I’m going to put up at least one blog post that will be about how I really feel – no pulling punches, no sacred cows (or chickens, or soybeans for that matter).

I was brought up to believe that my job in social situations was to always be pleasant, be the peacemaker, and never say “no”. And while there is a great place for it – I have let it keep me quiet too long and too often in my lifetime. So – March 15, I’m breaking with my own comfort zones…and I invite you all to do the same.

My own ground rules – and those that I hope that other folks who choose to participate – are to not air personal attacks against other people, and not to engage in hate speech. The point is not to get back against someone or something, or to belittle…the point is to speak plainly and honestly, without shame or fear.

If you plan to participate, let me know (via comments if possible) as well as give me a link to your blog, livejournal, or other writing website. I’m as interested in reading everyone else’s stuff as I am in writing my own! And please pass along the concept to others…let’s see what really does happen when we start to talk about the things we shy away from!

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