Rough Sex rocks my world.

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Well, rough sex with partners too – but in this case, it’s Rough Sex, the new movie from Tristan Taormino.

Disclaimer: I’m a huge fan of Tristan’s. As a sex educator, she’s one of my role models; she talks about sex & relationships from a personally affirming, empowering point of view, and she’s approachable and happy to help others with their questions. As a porn producer, she delivers hot footage with amazing talent and really authentic chemistry between the stars.

Rough Sex, directed by Tristan Taormino

I heard about Rough Sex earlier in the year, at about the time that she released Penny Flame’s Expert Guide to Rough Sex. When I heard that she had some of my favorite stars in it, I was thrilled – Sasha Gray? And Satine Phoenix? And Adrianna Nicole? And Derrick Pierce? And Christian? Be still, my pervy heart.

I got my copy in the mail a few weeks ago – since then, I’ve watched it with friends & lovers, and everyone that’s seen it has been thrilled. On a smallish bed with three other queer folk at a recent event, everyone had comments ranging from  “wow, that’s the hottest male/female sex I’ve ever seen!”, to  “if I wasn’t so tired, I’d need to go get off right now”. My neighbor asked if he could borrow it once I was through with it – and came over to my house & literally took it out of my DVD player before I left town so that he could take it home & enjoy it. And these aren’t porn neophytes – these are people who have seen it all and done it all (or at least, thought of doing it all), and still found it in their jaded little hearts to be enthusiastically turned on after watching just a little bit of the DVD.

I have to say that my favorite scene, hands down, is the scene with Satine and Derrick. Their chemistry sizzles off the charts; Satine loves every single second with Derrick, and her body shows it. Derrick is now in my list of adult industry guys who can actually use their words as powerfully as their cocks – as a dirty talk aficionado, I got almost as turned on by his words as by his actions. Satine succumbs to Derrick’s pressure to fuck while sitting with her broken-down car in the desert, and ends up laying in the dirt with his cum on her…oh, yum.

Tristan does an amazing job of dispelling the concept that rough sex is solely about male degradation of women or that it’s something that women do because they just want to please their man (or that it’s expected). Her one-on-one interviews with the female stars that run just prior to each scene give the viewers a chance to hear why each one of the stars likes rough sex; what they like about it, what turns them on, and most importantly, how it empowers them. Hearing these women, strong and confident in their explanations about why they love it harder & rougher…then seeing them in the act…is sure to leave many viewers looking at how to bring a little more power play to their sex lives, and gives some scenarios to inspire that play.

Kudos to Tristan!

Get it from:

Tristan’s Website


New SPG Column: "There's No Such Thing As a Stupid Question"

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“When you teach classes, people ask you questions—sometimes about the class you’re actually teaching, and sometimes not so pertinent to the subject at hand. But as someone who really does want to have a positive impact on the lives of the people who come to my presentations, I try to find the best way to answer—even if the questions are a bit difficult.

Which is why I now humbly present to you but a few of the questions I hear most often…”

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New Article: Porn for the Jaded

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My latest column for SexIs is about what makes porn good – especially for those of us who are a bit on the “seen it all, done it all, don’t wanna anymore” side of things.

…”In the twenty-something odd years since I found my first porn mags tucked away in the adult’s dressers, I think I’ve seen almost everything. I’ve seen big-haired blondes with perfectly manicured nails muff-dive other big-haired blondes in ways that no self-respecting lesbian would ever try. I’ve seen men with men, with women, with themselves, and with various edible objects. I’ve seen people dressed up as lobsters fuck on screen. I’ve even accidentally seen some bestiality-laden imagery—that visual is unfortunately burned on my retinas and will forever cripple me with an overriding sense of ugh.”

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