Overwhelmed with Gratitude

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Jan 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

I am a very lucky, very grateful woman this morning.  Last night was the first Fundraiser for my IMsL run; I am trying to raise enough money to allow me to travel to & compete in San Francisco in March, and my local DC club, The Crucible, graciously offered to host my first one.

It was an amazing night.  There were well over one hundred people at the club for the monthly Black Rose member’s night, and I got to meet a lot of new people as well as catching up with my local friends and acquaintances.   We did a 50/50 raffle that involved lots of folks getting fondled by some of my hottest friends.  We had a bake sale that would put the Band Boosters to shame.  We had a wonderful bootblack taking care of people’s leathers and giving a LOT of very happy smiles.  We also had a number of people who stopped by, asked some great questions about IMsL and why I was running, and gave me lots of “good luck” hugs.

Once it was all over, I almost cried.  The 50/50 fundraiser, alone, raised a total of $243 (the other half went to our raffle winner who was actually having a play scene when the number was called!).  The bake sale, bootblacking, and individual donations (including one of my helpers giving a lap dance…yum) raised another $417.  So – my first fundraiser started off my travel fund with $660 – an amount that I could never have anticipated, even if I’d tried!

I want to say thank you – to everyone who chatted with me, wished me luck, bought a goodie, had their leathers done, and contributed to the raffle.  Your support is truly humbling for me.  I also want to say thank you specifically to the people who donated their time, energy, and baked goods to make last night possible:  Anne, Brian, Cita, E, Julie, Karen, Kevin, Laura, Leah, Rivka, Rosie, Ryan, Stephen, and Tom.  Finally, I want to send a big thank you out to Frazier and the staff & volunteers at The Crucible – your support and help last night were amazing, and I’m grateful to you for making a space for me on the calendar.

Most people who compete for a regional or national leather title are local title holders, and have the backing and support of the title sponsor.  Since I decided to run for IMsL directly, I was aware that I would be doing the fundraising and publicizing on my own, and was worried that I wouldn’t be successful with it.  Last night taught me, once again, that we don’t do anything alone – we have a community of friends and supporters that will step in and give of their time, energy, and good wishes to help us to do the things we believe will be beneficial to the greater community.  I am honored to be able to represent OUR community at IMsL this coming March.

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