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Posted by Sarah Sloane on Sep 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

My post, “Sexy is as Sexy does” was picked up from BestSexBloggers.com (where I post every so often) as one of the choices for The Week In Kink!  Thanks to my amazing friends who allowed me to quote them in the article – I am very fortunate to have so many sexy, creative, literate, and generous people in my life.  I also recently got a few of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s books to review – I’ll post the reviews when I’m done.  They’re on two of my favorite topics – female domination and crossdressing.  Yum!

This year has been about change; I knew it was going to be a big one before I started out 2008, and if things go as they have been, 2009 will be even bigger.  Change scares me, sometimes – often when one opens up ones hands to receive new gifts and opportunties, other things fall away.  Courage, to me, is to keep opening up my hands when the universe is showering me with gifts, and trust that it’s all for my highest good.  For those of you out there encountering change in your lives – know that there is something good that’s coming, and trust in that outcome.

I have a few weeks off from presenting; I’m working on getting my (physical) house in order, and doing things to get ready for the November trip.  Now, if I can only figure out how to get one month’s worth of clothing, toys, and sundry items overseas with one fifty pound piece of luggage and a carry on…Oh, and I need to work on being able to afford to eat over there!


Audacia, Dark Odyssey, and Tulsa

Posted by Sarah Sloane on Sep 10, 2008 in teaching

Just a quick promo: Audacia Ray’s Live Girl Review this week (Episode 3) discusses Tristan Taormino’s book, Opening Up (which I’m quoted in); she also talks about Jenny Block’s “Open” as well, and has fast tips for a three way.  It’s downloading to my player even as we speak!  I have her book, Naked on the Internet, in my reading list, too…

I’m packing tonight to leave for Dark Odyssey in the morning; I’ll be picking up my friend Lee Harrington and heading north into the wilds of Maryland for four days of teaching, learning, relaxing, spending time listening to some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known…and hopefully playing a little, too.  Last weekend’s event was an amazing chance for me to be in a place that was totally unfamiliar with a smaller group of people; I learned that I’ve gotten better about taking care of myself and respecting my needs, even if they diverge from the social flow of the event.  Dark Odyssey is usually a weekend of finding my core as a queer, kinky, polyamorous, spiritually aware woman in a community of family and friends and lovers.  I have planned at least one “first” for this weekend; I want to suspend one of my lovers with rope from one of the trees at camp, and it will (if it works!) be my first full suspension as a top.  I also will be getting my arm marked again by my friend Bobby, who I share a love of cigars, handsome men, and heart-centered intelligent conversation.  Beyond that, the weekend is wide open to allow me to embrace the moments as they come, without plans or expectations.  This is the only way that going to an event really works for me, and I have only come to that point by finding many other ways that decidedly didn’t work for me first.

Finally, I got the sad news that the event sponsored by Tulsa Dungeon Society, scheduled for September 19-21, is being postponed until next year due to loss of venue. As soon as I hear, I will let you know when it’s being rescheduled to.  I had planned to be there to teach, along with Ms. Cynthia Wright & Allena Gobasch, and hopefully all three of us will be able to attend on the new date!


Some brief thoughts

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I get these ideas from time to time that are just not long enough to turn into a post, but that stick in my head.  I figured, what the hell – let me jot them down here.  Maybe your comments, or my own brainstorming, will develop them further.

This past weekend, my live-in partner commented that I tend to play with or get involved with other people who are community activists / presenters.  I’ve mentioned before that I don’t easily play with people who I don’t know well, and the way I get to know people well is to have a community that I can socialize in and learn from.  Because I just don’t get out as much in the DC area as I would like to, I don’t really have an extended social connection in my own area…so my socializing is pretty much just with the events & groups I visit.  Of course, that means that the people that I get to know most frequently over time are those same people that go to many events – other presenters, vendors, and people who staff multiple events.  My social circle is a bit different – not one bound by geography or a single organization or group, but one bound only by people who go everywhere kinky.

My community isn’t local anymore, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.  At this point, though, I’m not exactly local, either.  There is a great deal of pleasure that I get from the fact that I have people that I care about in far-flung places like Massachusettes, Illinois, Florida, New York, California, and Arizona, and that I have a chance to visit them in their own areas, as well as have them visit here.  But there is a bit of a sad moment that I have when I’m visiting my home-town play spaces and I realize that I barely know anyone in the room.

I suspect that, as the universe fine tunes it’s aim for my life, this will shift out into whatever direction it’s supposed to – and I’ll learn and grow and love regardless.  But for now, I’ll be mindful that my community is not as rounded as I’d like it to be – and try to make tiny steps to get it there.


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